Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

Many women are thinking about getting a breast enlargement. There are various reasons. Not only does a breast implant create the always desired form and figure. Furthermore it often comes along with a positive impact on the patients’ self-esteem.

The principle of augmentation is the implantation of a pad behind the mammary gland or, depending on the indication, under the chest muscle behind the breast.

Pads of different forms and sizes, filled with silicon, are available.

We only use silicon implants of the third generationwhich is the highest level of quality and safety available.

Depending on individual requirements the pads are implanted through incision either in the armpit, the bust fold or close to the nipple.

The operation takes about 90 minutes and is performed in general anaesthesia. The first night after the procedure the patient precautionally has to stay at the hospital. 14 days past surgery stitches are being removed. For about four weeks we recommend wearing a tight jogging bra which will be provided by us.

All details, the different methods of augmentation and your individual needs and wishes will be explained and evaluated in a personal counselling interview.

Breast augmentation with autologous fat (fat grafting)

The décolletage of a woman is the most obvious feature of her physical appearance. For many women, it is important to have a beautifully shaped and firmed breast. Not every woman is satisfied with her body shape and doesn’t meet her own aesthetic standards. After a pregnancy or with advancing age for instance, the breast may loses its tension and appears less formed. A treatment with autologous fat is able to achieve shape correction and breast augmentation without any external material and scars.

Process of transplantation of the autologous fat

In order to increase the breast volume with the help of the body’s own fat cells, a suitable part of the body must be found. Most women know at least one potential problem area of their body right away. Depots on hips and thighs or in the lower abdominal area can be considered for a transplantation of the autologous fat. Following the suction of fat cells, they are processed in compliance with the strictest hygiene regulations. The living fat cells are injected carefully into the tissue above and below the mammary gland. The physician takes care that the resolution image will appear smooth and that the breasts are beautifully shaped. As there are no prefabricated implants used, asymmetry or small defects can be successfully remedied by the use of own body fat. The fat cells will accept the new tissue and grow like natural tissue in the affected area.

Benefits of a breast augmentation with autologous fat

A breast augmentation with autologous fat is recommended if the objective of treatment is a moderate augmentation or a form correction of the breasts. This method also offers some advantages over conventional methods with implants. After the autologous fat transplantation there are no artificial materials left in the body. The fat cells are recognized as the body’s own tissue and according to this it is integrated with minimized reaction. As there are no foreign objects in the breasts, medical examination like mammography can be carried out without any problems. While implants must be placed into the breast through an incision in the skin, the method of the transplantation of own body fat requires only a small puncture for the cannula (<5mm), where fat cells are injected under the skin. The operative intervention itself lasts 1 - 2 hours and can be done on an outpatient basis. Instead of general aesthetic, a twilight sleep is sufficient in order to survive the treatment painlessly.

Risks of the treatment

Although the risks of transplantation with autologous fat are considered to be small, it is still a medical procedure that is not completely risk-free. It is possible, that the treated areas inflame or that the transplanted fat cells don’t grow properly. This could lead to an increased reduction of the body fat in the treated area especially in the case of smokers. The procedure can be repeated as often as necessary until the desired effect is achieved. The individual risk can be determined by the physician after a thorough investigation of the patient.

If you have any further questions about breast augmentation with autologous fat, we will be pleased to advise you with aesthetic possibilities. Please contact us for a non-binding consultation on the topic breast augmentation with autologous fat in Munich.


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